Monday, October 18, 2010

AWI Generals (2)

awi generalawi general
these are the other 2 generals from the Perry miniatures american generals pack. Both are in standard uniform and look quite nice i think. one in a more standard and dignified officer pose whilst the other is leaning over his horse encouraging his men with a flourish of his hat! i like to think that this one is Benedict Arnold maybe at Quebec, so maybe i should have painted him in the red british uniform he wore in the early years of the war, oh well.
i did have a bit of an issue with these as for some strange reason they both have sashes which dont seem to be a feature of officers dress in any of the books i have. so after much deliberation i chose to paint them red, just as this always seems like an officer sort of colour, maybe becasue im british. my reasoning being that pale blue was apparently reserved for the commander in chief i.e. washington, and its likely that the american army would have aped the british with so many having served in both armies

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