Sunday, November 21, 2010

1866-1870 prussian line infantry

Some Foundry 1870 prussian i have finally got around to basing, been painted for a couple of years. also they now have a flag attached. The flag is one of the beautiful Helion ones for IR24 to be precise. Unfortunately it is larger than the old foundry standrad poles and so a bit of canabilisation had to be done to keep the streamers and finial and replace the staff. not a perfect result as the flag does not now come up to the base of the finial but the best i could do. Maybe could ahve separated the streamers but would have had to have a less attractive top to the flag pole then. Anyway
next up will be an ECW saker cannon now completed

ECW marksman

just a single model today, a warlord miniatures ECW marksman. im sure these were not very common in the ECW but due to their persistance in warhammer ECW and 1644 rulesets may explain their must have potential. dressed as a simple red coated parliamentarian

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breaking news!

The Helion website has just announced that North Star Miniatures will be selling the helion 1866 range from now on. There is also a wish for the range to be developed further in the future, hopefully to complement the new Great War Miniatures crimean range they also stock. However, this may be just wishful thinking on my part. Anyway it is good news that these fine models will still be available. Although it is a great shame to see that Duncan has been unable to complete the range as he would have wished.