Friday, October 23, 2009

Sorry for the lateness

its been several weeks since my last post and im sorry for that but since getting back to the UK i have been busy back at work and decorating for the impending new addition to the family
i have managed to get some new stuff and up running and im showing them here today.
first up are some ACW union skirmishers, they will hopefully be followed by some confederate skirmishers and some diorama/skirmisher models too.
i tend to treat most of my figures these days purely on the need to get figures to a gaming standard as quickly as possible as i have so little time to paint now. Therefore i have stopped painting eyes etc. for all but main characters etc. these figures still need to be varnished and the bases flocked before they are completely finished. next on the list of items to do will be some AWI american milita and continentals and ECW cannon. I will also try to post up some older figures including franco-prussian models etc.
As you may have noticed i am not too familiar with photographing my models which is a relatively new experience for me. also despite my best efforts i am still struggling with photobucket. hopefully i will resolve all these issues by the next post