Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Normal service will resume shortly

Hi all
some explanations for my enforced absence may be required. I have not posted anything for the last 6 months or so as i had to pack up all my painting and gaming things to allow me to focus on a couple of imporntant things happening in my life at the minute.
one of those things has now been resolved as i was awarded my PhD today! 3 1/2 years of my life has finally been completed and signed off by the powers that be, some good times, some not so good, lots of long hours in the lab and on the weekend for less pay than my old job but maybe it was worth it. it has after all allowed me to get another job also working long hours for less pay than i used to get! The up side to this is that i will now be free to concentrate on gaming.....oh hang on a minute i said 2 things didn't i!
the second thing is my impending exams in september, these are pretty big things and if i pass them will never have to take an exam again in my life, which at the age of 33 would be no bad thing! Once this is also out of the way gaming will come to the fore again properly.
to date i have managed to keep sane by lots of wish listing and a bit of roleplay gaming. speaking of which my firts foray into Cthulu is working out well although i understand from the more experienced RPGs that soon i will be a gibbering wreck, in the game at least!
then other major thing is i am perfectly justified in treating myself to something when i finish these things, so looks like a brigade of Perry ACW Zouaves to me!
will keep you posted

back in the game

a long interlude but things are back to normal now

Monday, February 28, 2011

Random pics to show i am still alive

Just a couple of pics which have been hanging around for a while. Both Foundry models, a chasseur d'afrique in manteau and a Guard Carabinier Officer i had kicking around. Both pieces will be more scenic that gaming models although the officer might look nice hanging aroound the command tent

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

sorry for lack of posts, i hope that you all hada great christmas and new year. despite my best ontentions i have done no painting for over a month, in fact nearly 2months due to family and work commitments. Unfortunatly this is not going to get better for at least another fortnight so, posts will be thin on the ground for a while, but i hope to be up to speed again in february

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry christmas

ive been busy over december with work and snowy weather and so painting has had to take a back seat.
hopefully the next few weeks should see some posts coming up
Merry christmas and a happy new year
heres to painting time over the holiday

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1866-1870 prussian line infantry

Some Foundry 1870 prussian i have finally got around to basing, been painted for a couple of years. also they now have a flag attached. The flag is one of the beautiful Helion ones for IR24 to be precise. Unfortunately it is larger than the old foundry standrad poles and so a bit of canabilisation had to be done to keep the streamers and finial and replace the staff. not a perfect result as the flag does not now come up to the base of the finial but the best i could do. Maybe could ahve separated the streamers but would have had to have a less attractive top to the flag pole then. Anyway
next up will be an ECW saker cannon now completed

ECW marksman

just a single model today, a warlord miniatures ECW marksman. im sure these were not very common in the ECW but due to their persistance in warhammer ECW and 1644 rulesets may explain their must have potential. dressed as a simple red coated parliamentarian