Thursday, July 29, 2010

American Militia

here is my final AWI unit for a while, mainly because i have not bought anymore at the minute. i intend to return to the AWI in the future to add more militia units, some cavalry etc. but for now due to financial constraints i will be trying desperatly not to buy any new figures instead working through my lead backlog
anyway, this unit has been painted to represent a Pennsylvania militia unit with some men outfitted in nice new uniforms whilst others are having to make do with their own clothes. obviously the officers are well dressed. i did toy with the idea of one officer being dressed in a continental blue uniform but decided agaiinst it in the end
next up on the work table are 1866 austrians i have been looking forward to these for ages and cant wait to finally get them started. some awi generals (not a unit so dont count) some more WotR bows and billmen, oliver cromwell and king charles and some WW2 15mm british bren gun carriers

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