Sunday, February 14, 2010

4th new york continental infantry regt

finally uploaded are the 4th new york in their resplendent white uniforms, coouldnt let an american unit of the awi look too neat so have added a wounded character and a variety of different tricorne variants. i just dont believe that a new nation could have clothed its troops consistently well except for thje initial enrollment. any campaigning would have shown up the flaws in a new commissariat immediately
i had a bit of trouble getting this regt to look right, i find it difficult to get the right mix for white uniforms. eventually i kept it simple with an undercoat of black followed by a vallejo stone grey coat then covered with 1-2 coats of pure white. i thought about adding more weathering to the lower legs etc, but decided against it in the end. they may a look a little stark but they will form a great contrast with the rest of the blue coated continentals
next up will be the french francoprussian dragoons, riders done just need to do the horses followed by all the other things i mentioned in the last post. unless i get distarcted again!!!!!!
aside from painting i have been reading the rules of engagement set for ww2, i have plenty of german wehrmacht and ss in 28mm and hope to take these against hals american soon. on the face of it these rules look very familiar as they incorporate many elements of warhammer and flames of war, both sets of which i have used a lot. i hope they will live up to my expectations as i have been looking for a goos playing set of ww2 rules for some time

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  1. A very neat painting style. Looking forward to the Dragoons!