Friday, January 1, 2010

New years resolutions

well a good christmas and new year was had by all. some nice things were in my stocking (mostly bought by myself on the behalf of relatives)
new arrivals included a box of the lovely new Perry miniatures wars of the roses platics, the new Battlefront vietnam range, some lovely pre-painted rivers and a few books, including the 1859 ruleset from bruce weigle and the new garde imperiale grenadier and voltiguer book by andre jounieu.
so with the new year it is customary to make some resolutions, so here we go
1. complete projects before starting new ones (although as far as i am concerned no army etc is ever totally complete)
2. make a concerted effort to dig into the lead mountain
3. game more often, including going to wigan wargamers club whenever possible
all this obviously has to fit in around a fulltime job and 6 week old baby but hopefully i will be able to achieve some of these goals

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