Monday, September 28, 2009

Leaving The USA

well after 6 months living and working in New Haven, Connecticut i will be returning to the UK in 4 days time. Whilst i have had a great time here the impending delivery of my first child is a much better reason to return to the UK than work.

The other downside to being away from home has been the lack of opportunities to paint and game. i have tried to keep up with things by doing plenty of background historical reading, including 3 ACW books, a russian civil war book and an AWI book. also i recently received some great looking woodland indians from conquest miniatures which i am really looking forward to painting when i return home.

finally on my return i will start posting some of my collection of figures online for you to peruse. Initially i will probably start with Franco-prussian and ACW figures as i am in the process of rebasing a significant portion of models from other periods


  1. Well, to fill you in on what you missed in the last 6 months, Summer was cancelled due to bad weather, the country is broke, our politicians were revealed as corrupt and it rained last night-welcome back!!! We did regain The Ashes however! Looking forward to seeing your figures and good luck to you both on the impending bundle of joy!



  2. cheers matt
    was keeping up with the important things, the ashes and lions tour